TARA as an “aggregator”


TARA as an “aggregator” bundles support service packages, help large corporation explore new markets and also aggregate the output of local producer groups including micro, mini and small enterprises and connect these groups to market opportunities for BOP access and market development for ethical products and services.

TARA bundles support services packages and by doing so make them available to local producers at a reasonable cost, often done in collaboration with government agencies and donor support programmes.

We help large corporations explore new markets and help them develop sustainable models around providing goods and services to base of pyramid.

TARA Karigar Mandal (TKM)

The TKM comprises of 80 masons and is headed by a Master Mason. The Masons have organized themselves in Common Interest groups within the broader ambit of the TKM. The TKM will be registered as Mutually Aided Cooperative Society with the Madhya Pradesh Government. The TKM has been organizing training programs for new masons, capacity building of trained masons for transition towards becoming supervisors. Group management trainings were also organized for TKM. TKM has also successfully bid for private and government construction projects. The various construction material and methods which are being promoted by the TKM include:

 Roofing Options
  • Arch Roof Panel
  • Funicular Roof
  • Plank and joist Roof
Walling Option
  • Rat trap bond
  • Compressed earth block

TARA PAPER - Our “waste to wealth” initiative is an example of aggregation of small producer groups (mainly marginalized women and other disadvantaged communities) for better market access. TARA provides livelihood security and market access to the marginalized by promoting and selling value added ethically sourced products

TARA Paper is not just a product: it is a concept. The environmental and social benefits of this concept ripple down through many levels.

TARA paper is a creation from nothing.

Waste paper and cotton rags are transformed by the hands of our rural partners into exquisite products that offer you exceptional quality.

TARA paper can be made to suit your taste – colour, thickness and size is not a problem. In fact, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the customer a highly individual product.

From this diverse range of paper, our artisans produce beautiful and elegant lampshades, gift bags and accessories like color pencils and jewellery boxes.

TARA hand made paper provides livelihood opportunities for under-privileged women and youth in the Bundelkhand region of central India. More then 50 people work in the unit, out of which mainly are women having no source of income TARA paper provides not only livelihood opportunities but also self esteem and confidence

  Paper Mills Handmade Paper Units
 Energy consumption (kW / tonne of paper) 11,134 6,934
Water consumption (cubic metres per tonne of paper) 154 77
Quantity of wood pulp used (tonnes) 1.9 0

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