Eco Building Materials

TARA Nirman Kendra delivers a range of eco-building materials which have low-embodied energy and utilize industrial waste and provides advisory support to create ecological and affordable built environments.

Fly ash Fal – G Bricks Fly ash Fal – G Bricks

Combining fly-ash, lime and gypsum, Fal-G technology utilizes an industrial waste by using nearly 2/3rd fly ash by volume of the Fal-G brick

The Fal-G bricks possess excellent strength due to its compositional value and environmental soundness due to minimal embodied energy. The strength of bricks is minimum 80kg/cm2 with water absorption of 8-15%. The Fal-G bricks can be used in place of conventional clay bricks, either in load bearing structure or as infill walls

We cater to both Individual and Institutional clients

Micro Concrete Roofing Tiles Fly ash Fal – G Bricks

These are made using cement concrete of carefully designed mix proportion, using stone aggregate of less than 6 mm. size.

Micro-concrete roofing (MCR) tiles are used as a cladding material for construction of sloping roofs.

The MCR tiles edge above the conventional roof cladding material due to structural strength and durability, cost effectiveness, lowest embodied energy among other alternatives, and micro-scale entrepreneurial possibilities. These tiles derive their strength primarily from their shape and a very low water cement ratio used during production.

The tiles come in two profiles Pan and Roman. It can be used at roofs of residential buildings, Verandahs, Roadside restaurants and Dhabas, School buildings, Work-sheds, parking spaces, etc.

Stabilised concrete Earth Blocks Fly ash Fal – G Bricks

Stabilized Compressed Earth Blocks (SCEB), are soil-based walling material, stabilized with 5% cement that provide a cost-effective and environmentally-sound alternative to bricks. SCEB overcomes the need of firing of bricks at high temperatures by compressing the soil through manual or mechanical means

The SCEB merits over conventional bricks because of its lowest embodied energy, well finished and aesthetic appearance and ability to provide greater thermal comfort.

The SCEB can be used in place of conventional clay bricks in load bearing structures up to 3 stories

We cater to institutions, Maya School Orchha, Rural housing

Prefabricated Roofing Elements Fly ash Fal – G Bricks

Ferrocement roofing channel, Precast RCC plank and joist, precast arch panel are alternatives to conventional RCC roofs. These materials are manufactured as per building specifications which have been validated by the Building Materials Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC)

Along with being Cost effective in nature these systems have low embodied energy, primarily because of reduction in quantity of steel used by 25-50% without compromising the desired strength. These roofing systems are ideal for residences, offices, schools and other public buildings.

We cater to both Individual and Institutional clients

Paving Blocks Fly ash Fal – G Bricks

These are precast concrete paving blocks applied in an interlocking manner, available in 60mm and 80mm thickness

These are available in attractive patterns, are highly durable and can be made as per specifications of usage in light-medium-heavy duty applications. It can be used as paving in verandahs, parking, petrol stations, and medium duty roads such as rural roads.

We cater to institutions and Nagar Palika

Precast Doors- Window frames Fly ash Fal – G Bricks

RCC concrete door and window frames are alternatives to wooden frames, manufactured in conventional opening sizes of doors and windows

It is termite resistant and fungus-proof, at least 25% cheaper than wooden frames, highly durable, low embodied energy and can be used in conjunction with the structural system of buildings. It can be used as alternative to wooden/ steel door and windows frames for openings of conventional sizes

We cater to individual house owners and District government authorities in Madhya Pradesh

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