TARA as an “enabler”

TARA as an “enabler” is instrumental in the creation of livelihood support systems, training and capacity building for the rural poor and marginalized communities.

TARA has done many projects wherein it has played the role of enabler. One such current project is HP LIFE ((HP Learning Initiatives for Entrepreneurs)

Highlights of HP Project:

  • 3200 trainees will be trained in ICT skills
  • Project success will be monitored by the number of trainees effectively using the ICT for effective business process
  • Youths will also be trained in the ICT skills through 3 of the MEDCs
  • Entrepreneurship Development and Computer training to the youth and women will motivate them towards employment or self-employment and thus economic independency


(HP Learning Initiatives for Entrepreneurs)

Majority of the entrepreneurs face a lot of challenges apart from the many external business challenges in managing their day to day operations of the business like financial management, marketing, effective communication with the clients etc. In order to meet out these challenges the effective use of available technology may be a possible solution.

Under this project TARA will be training the budding and existing entrepreneurs on HPLIFE curricula. The project is beneficial to the entrepreneurs to understand the modern day’s business challenges and training them in effective use of the technology as the solution.

Through training of budding and existing entrepreneurs in HP LIFE curricula TARA is enabling entrepreneurs to enhance the overall effectiveness of their business through proper use of the ICT.

The overall HP LIFE curricula is divided into; STSB (Smart Technology for Smarter Business) and GET-IT (Graduate Entrepreneurship Technology-Information Technology). Both the curricula emphasize on the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) to meet-out business challenges (Business Challenges and Technology Solutions).

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