Governments, large Corporations and Civil Society networks benefit from TARA’s expertise as a “manager” of large awareness creation, environmental action, community development and service delivery programmes in areas such as affordable housing, renewable energy, water management, sustainable agriculture, waste management and recycling.


  • A single plant operational for 365 hours for last 4 month
  • 200 units of power generated
  • 10,000 Kg of biomass consumed
  • 200 house holds connected through mini grids


The Village Electrification through Sustainable use of Renewable Energy (VE-SuRE) project aims to electrify villages in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim and Rajasthan by harnessing biomass, micro hydro energy for power generation.

Ve-SuRE is uniquely designed to converge with and build upon the existing infrastructure; instead of seeking to ‘create’, it aims to ‘implement and sustain’.The Project supports action in following three areas:

  • Clean technology promotion based on local resources – biomass and micro hydro
  • Strategic pilot aimed at sustainability of renewable energy based off- grid plants
  • Strengthening of policy implementation through knowledge sharing and capacity development of stakeholders

The VE-SuRE project will facilitate operations and management of 25-30 Renewable based Decentralized Generation (REDG)) over 4 years. The intended outcome of the project is “Decentralized renewable power gains prominence in electricity policies and rural electricity plans in select states”.

The Village Electrification through Sustainable use of Renewable Energy (VE-SuRE) programme was initiated in June 2010 by the Climate Change and Development (CCD), Embassy of Switzerland in India in collaboration with National Thermal Power Corporation and Sikkim Renewable Energy Development agency (SREDA). The VE-SuRE Project Management Unit (PMU) is being hosted in Technology and Action for Rural Advancement (TARA).

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