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Tara Paper is a recycled handmade paper and paper products unit and follows the ideology of "waste to wealth" and integrates this in every process, product and practice. It was set up in 1996 in Orchha under the sustainable livelihood program for Sahariya Tribal women in Central India

TARA paper is particularly special. It is not only made of recycled and waste materials: it is crafted by the careful hands of highly skilled villagers, most of whom were impoverished women. It creates jobs and incomes while saving the environment.

Clients we offer our paper to are broadly divided into 2 categories

  • Value addition Clients – Clients purchase our paper for conversion into products or even value addition is done on paper for e.g. embossed , textured etc and then it is used for numerous application for e.g. wrapping paper, wall paper etc.
  • Printing Paper – Clients also use this paper for making of testimonials, manuscripts etc due to the fact that this paper is long lasting approx 100yrs

TARA champions innovations in paper technology and design leading for it to be firmly established as the Benchmark among handmade papers in India. It was the first to manufacture handmade paper for industrial users such as Purolator, Espirit, ITC and GSK.

The Gift of Recycled Paper


  • TARA Paper is a standard of quality, Innovation and a symbol of environmental friendly processes
  • Another edge is application of environmental friendly processes and insistence towards sustainable techniques of production, for example, organic dyeing, use of non-hazardous chemicals for bleaching etc.


  • Generally supply paper from 100 GSM to 1500 GSM especially of black and white color we make these papers from pure white and black waste cotton of the best available quality in market.
  • Clients can avail from us an extensive range of handmade papers in different sizes, GSM (gram square meter) of paper. & in numerous colors as per the individual requirements of clients.

One tonne of TARA paper saves 3 tonnes of wood and 100 cubic metres of water – and creates Rs. 40,000 in wages, giving us:

  • 6 trees for life-giving oxygen, soil and water
  • 3 years of cooking fuel for one village family
  • 25 years’ drinking water for one person
  • 1 square foot of land for a waste dump site
  • 1 month’s income for 20 village women
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Handmade paper is used for making of writing paper, envelopes, wrapping paper, boxes, paper to paint on (watercolor and oils not recommended),making of paper products ( boxes , chit pads, photo frames, lamp shades etc.)

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