Green Energy for Rural Electrification

As energy plays a crucial role to boost up development processes, TARA design, demonstrate and promotes various renewable energy technology based development models to ensure local value creation.

TARA has demonstrated various means and ways to establish necessary sub-components of Renewable Energy Decentralized Generation (REDG) projects. Such REDG projects develop suitable ownership and institutional mechanism, develop financial/revenue models, utilize local resource to generate/distribute energy at affordable rate to ensure long term sustainability.

Based on TARA’s previous REDG experience, it is certain that a farmer’s Common Interest Group (CIG) owned/ manage REDG model along with need based energy service delivery model ensure large scale adoption of RETs to maximize local value creation in a financially viable manner.

  • By replacing diesel fed irrigation, farmers can enhance farm profitability which can indirectly ensure overall development.
  • Assured energy can also improve health condition and life standard and can help Government to address energy crisis issue.

TARA is equipped to provide the following:

  • Project/Program management services
  • Survey and feasibility assessment based socio-economic development modeling
  • Design of region & technology specific DPR preparation
  • Resource/demand assessment and planning
  • Management and technical training
  • Design and execution of participatory awareness creation, stakeholder mobilization services Evaluation, monitoring and impact assessment

1. Biomass based Power generation

  • 20x2 kW plant at Behartola, Singrauli MP under VE-SuRE program (visit (since 2011)
  • DESI power Orchha(100 kW) since1996
  • TARAgram Datia (50 kW) since 2006
  • REZ Radhapur (10 kW) since 2009

2. Demonstration of biogas based models

  • Lalitpur Gaushala (170 m3-15 kW) since 2007
  • Mauranipur Gaushala (45m3-10 kW) since 2007
  • REZ Orchha (60m3-7.5 kW) since 2007

3. Demonstration of Solar PV based model

  • CSPP, Rampur (8.7 kWp) since 2009
  • Green Campus-TARAgram Pahuj (9.0 kWp) since
  • Solar Pumping (0.7 kW) since 2007

Renewable Energy to Rural Electrification


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