Literacy to Self Reliance

  - a means to create sustainable livelihoods

In the current Indian scenario, where unemployment and illiteracy levels are increasing at a rapid pace, TARA believes that the solution to this problem is not providing education alone, but complementing it with life skills, vocational skills and enterprise development skills. And, thus, TARA has developed a special package which would enable people to first become literate and ultimately be self-reliant. This can serve both as a module and as independent services depending on the needs of the target group. The components of this kind of a package include:

  • Functional Literacy: Provided through one of the world’s fastest literacy programme (as per the Wall Street Journal), TARA Akshar+, is a laptop based functional literacy programme, which can train an illiterate person to read & write and provide basic numerical skills in just 98 contact hours (2 hours daily spanning over 49 days)
  • Life Skills Training: Post basic literacy, modules imparting life skills training aimed at enhancing the personality and knowledge of individuals on health, hygiene and related aspects, ultimately leading to increased employability opportunities.
  • Vocational Skills Training: As the next step, participants are trained in various vocational skills aimed at securing jobs
  • Enterprise Development Training: Depending on the business acumen of the participants, enterprise development training is provided, aimed at helping them set up Micro- Enterprises
  • Linkages Facilitation: Post trainings, TARA facilitates in setting up micro-enterprises, links these with financial institutions/ banks and also creates market linkages for selling products/ services

  Partnership with Noida Power Company Limited (NPCL)

Currently, TARA is using this module to empower women in four different villages of Greater Noida and this project is being promoted by the Noida Power Company Limited (NPCL). The implementation is through the in-house training and capacity building wing, TARA Livelihood Academy (TLA.The project is an amalgamation of various phases aimed at making illiterate women self-reliant within a span of just 9 months.

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