TARA Loom is an all-in-one machine which

  • Operates without any vibrations at high speed (average 90 picks per minute)
  • Weaves superior quality cloth of all yarns (cotton, wool, silk and synthetics).
  • Uses both mill and hand spun yarn
These are available as standard equipment supplied by TARA with different sizes of looms, which can weave fabric ranging from a width of 40” to 120” (100 cms and 300 cms respectively) TARA Loom has found widespread acceptance among the weavers. Its productivity has been validated and is found to be at least 35% higher than any other loom. A traditional weaver can learn to operate this machine in less than two hours making the transition to the improved loom at no extra cost in terms of time and money. That’s the reason that TARA Loom is in operation in almost all the states on India.


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