The extraordinary performance of the TARA Loom is made possible by the following innovative features:-

1. New take-up mechanisms

  • Can weave fine fabrics of 90 picks per inch to coarse fabrics of 14 picks per inch without changing any gear. Pick spacing can be adjusted by simply shifting the position of the shield plate covering the ratchet by loosening a bolt
  • It is an integral unit requiring no special fixture
  • It requires less effort because of low friction. Al this was possible by redesigning the dimensions of the gears and ratchets to achieve a reduction of sufficient magnitude that could thus cover such a wide range of pick spacing. Connecting it to the shuttle box through appropriate linkages enhanced the throw of the driving pawl

2. Fly-wheel

  • Enables jerk free weaving
  • Sustains high speed weaving
  • Fixes the throw of the beater
This was possible by redesigning the flywheel to have just the right moment of inertia and eccentricity ratio. The same flywheel can be used for looms of reed space 40” to 78” simply by readjusting the position of the crank. Moreover, the flywheel shaft is also mounted on ball bearing.

3. Negative let-Off mechanism

  • To ensure uniform let-off
  • Even warp tension
To achieve a special ruffle was designed to provide uniformly distributed friction on the warp beam which made it possible to release the yarn by the same amount in every cycle instead of a jerky let off as in other looms.

Fly Wheel   Negative Let Off   Improved Frame   Cloth Roller  

4. Improved frame

  • To ensure adequate support and rigidity to reduce vibration
  • Ease of assembly and transportation
  • Low cost
  • Longer durability
  • Compact and modular
For this, rolled MS angles are used in the structure of the frame such that there is no vibration. This makes it possible to weave better quality fabric. The frame has been designed to take up less floor area and height. It can thus be fitted easily inside huts, especially in the hills, which have very low ceilings. The length of the loom is also less, so that the weavers can fix the broken ends of yarns from the seat itself. With just two sets of spanners a complete loom can be assembled. This makes it possible to set up around 10 to 13 machines in 8 hours.

5. Emery and cloth roller

  • These rollers are carefully positioned in the loom so that :It does not hit the weaver’s knee during weaving
It can accommodated longer length of cloth on the roller (around 100 mts.) of fabric fro 2/40s warp and 20s weft with pick spacing of 44 per inch.)

6. Smooth surface backrest and lease rods

  • Ensures smooth friction-free movement of the yarn to improve the quality of the fabric
  • Ensures proper working of the let-off mechanism
  • Chrome plated pipe is used for the backrest and smooth metal sheet is fitted on wooden rods for the lease rod

7. Beater Since traditional technologies are time-tested, they have certain levels of perfection. The beater is a very good example of this, and the TARA loom uses the traditional beater design and material.

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