Technology Management

The Technology Management Services of TARA plays the role of “Technology Incubator”. The primary function is to nurture green business solutions for environment and development challenges faced nationally and globally.

Technology Management Services works with local entrepreneurs, service providers, technology partners, regional and state level Government agencies, bilateral and multilateral agencies to help local entrepreneurs produce and market affordable goods in an efficient manner. Thus it creates “Green Jobs” and “Green Economies” utilizing local skills and resources without degenerating the environment thereby encouraging “Green Growth”.

The major services provided are:
  • Technology transfer and Know-How exchange
      Technology transfer services are provided in the areas of:
    • Energy efficient and environment friendly brick production technologies and systems
    • 0 to low emission building materials
    • Industrial waste utilization
    • Turning waste to wealth
    • Provision of safe drinking water
    • Renewable energy technologies, services and systems
  • Cluster development services

    To create high impact and high visibility within the shortest time, cluster development services are implemented with local and Government agencies and associations.

Current Initiatives

Republic of Malawi has one of the highest rates of urbanization which puts a tremendous pressure on the building material sector. The main and only building material in Malawi is burnt clay bricks usually produced in clamps using wood as the primary fuel. It is estimated that around 850,000 tonnes of fuelwood is required to produce 1.7 billion bricks which is the estimated requirement of bricks only from the urban sector. TARA in association with CCODE (A Malawian NGO working in the housing sector), is working together to introduce the Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln technology in Malawi. It is expected that apart from stopping use of fuelwood for brick firing, the adoption of VSBK technology will also attract “Carbon Benefits”, creation of “Green Jobs” and supporting the growth of the “SME sector”.


 c.   Incubation of enterprise models

To test the viability and develop technology packages, small to medium scale innovations are incubated in controlled and commercial conditions.

TARA has done many projects imparting Technology Management Services. One such project was on Greening of brick industry in the states of Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand for India Canada Environment Facility

The project looked at augmenting the supply of walling materials through resource efficient, environmentally sound technologies i.e. the Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln while creating sustainable livelihoods and ensuring social equity in the brick sector.

The major impacts of the project were establishment of around 80 VSBK units in India thereby increasing visibility across 7 states. Commercial service providers created has been providing services in the country thereby ensuring replication mechanism entrenched within a commercial set up.

               Marketing of VSBK  

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