Cluster Development

The Cluster Development Program of IMEDF focuses on process innovation, value chain development, and strengthening of local ecosystems so that technology, finance, capacities, and marketing support services are made available to collectives of artisans and farmers. IMEDF is a Nodal Agency of the Ministry of MSME, Government of India, for SFURTI. It is also a Technical Support Agency for Rural Industrial Parks (RIPAs) for the Government of Chhattisgarh. IMEDF has incubated 30 clusters across 12 States of India, leading to dignified livelihoods for more than 20,000 people in the last three years.


Micro Enterprise Development

udyaME ( is a phygital (physical+digital) platform that caters to the needs of underserved communities for enterprise support services under one umbrella. It aims to promote and develop entrepreneurial micromovements across the country. An amount of INR 30 million has been credited to 2700+ entrepreneurs in six States leading to 5545 jobs.

udyaME's partnership with social investing platform Rang De has led to the establishment of udyaME Enterprise Fund ( ), by which INR 2.32 crores have been raised by 3943 social investors, and credited to 473 entrepreneurs.


TARA Machines

TARA Machines delivers green business solutions to small and medium enterprises. The affordable building products manufactured by enterprises using TARA Technologies are green products for supply to local home builders and contractors. TARA Technologies are designed as total solution packages which offer multiple benefits; low risk and profits to TARA Machines customers. More than one million houses in rural India have used building materials produced with TARA Machines technologies.


TARAlife Sustainability Solutions

TARAlife is a division of TARAlife Sustainability Solutions , a social enterprise promoted by Development Alternatives(DA) group. DA group has been committed to developing innovative products to meet rural needs. Our product range includes water testing kits and water filters under the brand name “Jal TARA” and our soil and air testing kits under the brand name “TARA”.