Scalable Solutions for People and our Planet

About TARA

The Society for Technology & Action for Rural Advancement (TARA) is a social enterprise of the Development Alternatives Group, set up in year 1985 at New Delhi, India. TARA’s vision is to create sustainable livelihoods on a large scale, in pursuit of which, it develops and promotes “scalable solutions for people and the planet”. As an ‘incubation engine’, TARA's organisational objectives have been defined around impact in the areas of Employability, Entrepreneurship, Clean Technology, Basic Needs, Natural Resource Management and Institutional Strengthening. A mix of projects and revenue based activities deliver a range of replicable enterprise based business models, community development packages and capacity building solutions in five sectors - Renewable Energy, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Affordable Housing, Livelihood Support and Recycling.

TARA has been incubating scalable business models in the Bundelkhand region of Central India. TARA has its presence in other parts of central and northern India through projects, products and services. It provides consultancy and project management services across the country.

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